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Your One Stop IT Shop

At Caperion, when we say that we have the right solution at the right price, we mean IT!

We have cultivated personal relationships with hundreds of the industry's leading manufacturers, both on a technical and sales level, allowing us direct access to information and solutions out of reach of most of our competitors. We also hold coveted accounts with the world's largest wholesale technology distribution chains, assuring that you really do get the best possible products for the best price.

So whether it's a new IBM Blade server, your favorite boxed software or bulk licenses, we can get it for you. And the best part is, we can do the installation and provide support as well.

Flexible Financing

In these economic times, getting a price break might not be enough. That is why we are pleased to offer flexible financing options to our customers. Through financing, you can continue to afford the necessary equipment to keep your business running - and growing - even when times are tough.

Call or email us today to speak with someone about financing your next purchase.

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